time to wrap up

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O has been sick at home with flu most of this week, but is thankfully recovering now as my Florence Nightingale act was wearing a bit thin.  There is a definite chill and the evenings are getting darker earlier, so I thought I’d have a browse at some winter coats for the ‘big boy’.  He’s at a difficult age to buy clothes for as he’s in between boy and teen, but at least I get an excuse for some extra long browsing online (when I get a chance).

Some of what I found I wouldn’t buy because of the price tag, as my ‘O’ isn’t the most caring when it comes to his clothes and misplaces many items (he had 4 coats last winter),  but there are some good ones out there.


coat_scotchandsoda     coatduffle_burberry

coat_fingerinthenose    coatsnowcat_fingerinthenose

coatparka_h&m     coatwax_zara


images.  top – pyrenex

2nd row – scotch and soda, burberry

3rd row – finger in the nose

4th row – h&m, zara

bottom – american outfitters