oh my, these vellies

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vellies_neontoeShier shoes are the company that bring vellies to us.  They are the original ‘desert boot’ made in Namibia from vegetable dyed leather.  The vellies are made by hand by a group of eight gentlemen in a town called Swakopmund.  20pairs get made a day from start to finish.  The shoes are unisex and also come in kids sizes, so you can match!  The neon toe vellies are what caught my eye.  The company have a donation service, so when your lil’ ones outgrow theirs, they can be given a new home to a child in need.  For this good deed, you receive 10% off your next purchase and a postcard from the new owner.  Sweet idea, but I think I’d find it hard to be parted from the adorable little things (hoarder of my babies things).



images. Schier Shoes