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We are so in love with these dresses and unisex leggings.  I have been an admirer of Aime’s brand Thief & Bandit for a long time, and now we are over the moon that we will be having them on our lil’ beans kids store.  The fabric is organic jersey and all hand screen printed and made to order.  The prints are bold and colourful and I have seen there are leather goods on the horizon!  Big love for this Canadian brand.

Where do you live and with whom?
I live with my husband, Johnston and my two boys Wolfgang (3) and
Dutch (7 months) and of course my beast of a dog, Leroy.

What influences and inspires your fabric designs?
My influences range greatly. I do a ton of ink drawing in my
sketchbook and I source my drawings from historical patterns,
wildlife, vintage imagery etc. Some of my favorite prints are from
little random sketches in my sketchbook. Usually it’s when I’m not
trying that the good stuff appears.

What is your favourite time of day with your boys?
My favourite time of day with my boys is morning time before we take
Wolf to preschool. Here we hang out in our living room and watch
cartoons or listen to music. Johnston and I work at night a bunch so
this is our time to hang out, drink coffee and admire our beautiful

image. Thief & Bandit available from Lil’ Beans store in August