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Not In My House UK is a very new brand (just a month old) that produces lego art for kids and adults for that matter.  Rachael, the mother brains behind this idea makes them to order and has already been commissioned by Kids Trade Show Dot to Dot and events company MAD (mum and dad) LIFE for pieces.

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Rachael sources lego from anywhere and everywhere, buying second hand from car boots, ebay and her boys to buying new for specific pieces or colours.  A website is on it’s way but for now you can see Not In My House UK on facebook and order on Etsy.  There’s lots more to come from Rachael and NIMHUK, so like their facebook page and keep up with what’s to come.

IMG_29433 quick ones with Rachael:

Where do you live and with whom?
I live in a small picturesque village called Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales where our neighbours are sheep and Alan Bennett
I live with my husband James Atkin my 2 boys Sonny age 9 and Marley age 7 Hobo the cat age 5 and 2 Guinea Pigs Mogwai and Felix Age 6 months

How has being a mum changed you?  What are the dynamics in your house being the only female amongst boys?
Being a mum changed my hugely when i had Sonny,i struggled with my identity and felt like i could no longer be the person i was,becoming a mum is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me in my life and it has been the most rewarding and yet most challenging.As the kids have got older i feel more like me again and realised that i could be myself and my kids mother.My kids are my biggest achievement in my life and have given my life more purpose and i try to be the best mum i can be and that is a big journey in itself with lots of mistakes and learning happening on the way!!!
I am a total tom boy and so being surrounded by the boys isnt too big a deal-i think i would have struggled more being surrounded by girls to be honest!The boys dont take themselves too seriously and the toilet humour is right up my street and to be fair im probably worse than them on that front. I am getting used to the boys pointing and laughing at my various body parts as the ageing process kicks in and there is defo no room for ego when your child pokes at what you think is a beautifully toned tum and says ‘Mama has a big fat belly’

What’s your favourite thing to do as a family and meal to eat?
One of the treats we have as a family which may not seem as a big deal but is to us living in the sticks is a city trip with a wagamama lunch thrown in – the kids love it there and me and james always share a bottle of wine – we call it a ‘boozy lunch’ ha and the kids love it coz they know we are much more generous with a glass of wine in us !!!