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New on Etsy is the lovely Magpie & Hen.  The shop launched a few  weeks ago, by London based mama Sarah.  It is full of pre-loved treasures for little ones.  Vintage Fisher Price, beautifully illustrated books, and lovely odd gems.  Some of the items are even too nice just to buy for little ones, and could be used for shop displays or reference pieces.  The photography of the items for the shop are great too.  You won’t find any blurry shots here, that I see too often on Etsy shops and I just don’t understand why people do it (a pet hate of mine).

Here are a few of our favourite picks:

magpie&hen_dungarees magpie&hen_hob magpie&hen_puzzle

Quick 3 for Sarah:

Where do you live?

I live right on the triangle in Crystal Palace, SE London – a hub of vintage shops and antique markets.

What’s your luckiest area for thrifting?

The furthest away from London the better! I have found some real treasures up in the North-East. Luckily for me, this is where my partners parents live, so a good excuse to visit the future in-laws! 

What’s your favourite treasure?

That’s so difficult, I have a few! I love the set of late 60s Zoo-It-Yourself plastic animals made by Tupperware Toys that can be pulled apart and remade into different creatures. I think my current favourite find is a quirky hobby horse with a wooden pole and molded plastic head. It’s so unusual and stylish, and my two year old loves playing with it.

This is one shop we’ll be visiting regularly to keep an eye on what great finds we can get our hands on.  Can’t wait for the next updates.

images. Magpie & Hen