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Last month I came across the very new sweet treat business Happy Mallow.  Owner and mallow maker B, jumped in and launched her dream that’s been in the pipeline for a while after having her daughter.  You can read more about the beginnings here:


We love marshmallows, so when I saw these gorgeous big delights I had to order a lucky dip box to try with the boys.  The box (hand delivered at that) consisted of 8 large mallows of various flavours to try, vegan and/or gluten free.  We had vanilla with sprinkles, chocolate orange (the eldests favourite), coconut & lime, rhubarb (seasonal) and hibiscus & mint.


mallows 2

They were all divine, and I’ll be ordering again as there are other flavours that are tempting me back to try like the churros and hazelnut mocha.  While I’m at it I might have to try the hot chocolate blocks too.  Go and be tempted too  www.happymallow.com

Here are a quick 3 questions with the lovely B herself:

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in a little flat with my partner Tom, & our 10 month old Mia (affectionately known as Nugget), in Tooting Bec.

What do you love about marshmallows and what is your favourite flavour you’ve made so far?

I’ve always loved the classic pink & white marshmallows, and toasting them over campfires, but since experimenting I’ve equally fell in love with how versatile they are in terms of flavour. I do get a little carried away concocting different flavours, but my current favourite would have to be Hazelnut Mocha.

How have you found being a mum so far?  What’s your favourite time of day with your little one?

Since Mia turned 6 months I feel like I’ve started to relax into motherhood a bit more. I think we’ve managed to master some sort of version of the elusive ‘routine’ and she’s so much more interactive now & fun to be around. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with PND (post natal depression) after her birth, but have been lucky in that I was able to get treatment quite quickly & have been feeling like my old self for about 4 months now. It was a massive shock & learning curve having PND, as is motherhood for anyone in fact, and I’m quite passionate about finding ways to help support other mothers who are suffering. Hopefully that’s something I can focus on in the near future once Happy Mallow finds it’s feet.

As for my favourite time of day with Mia…there’s always lots of moments in the day when she’ll do something to surprise me or make my heart burst, but I do love our little morning snuggles in my bed whilst she has her milk.