drinking cups

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The lil’ bean had one of these cups given to him.  He has been using it since he was 6months and got on with it straight away.  He found the straw really easy to use away as it’s so similar to sucking a teat or nipple.  It does leak a little bit sometimes but he only has water in it, and not so much that it would stop you wanting to use it.  BPA free too, so all good.

Another cup he has is the Doidy cup by Bickiepeg.  He needs help with this, but does take sips from it.  This is his ‘at home’ cup as it doesn’t have a lid and is still drinking cool boiled water.  It says the cup is for use from 3months, but there is no way he would have been using it then.  It’s also BPA free.

image and available from VUPbaby

momma cup image and available from Amazon