Big up the Uppababy

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The UPPAbaby was our transport of choice for our second bean a few years ago.  We fell in love with it when we were seeing friends in LA.  It ticked all the boxes for us, was easy to assemble, sturdy but not particularly heavy, very smooth to steer (the best I have ever tried), BIG basket, good accessories, and a good looking well designed specimen of a buggy.  We had the Vista whole schabang  with carrycot and used it a second time around with bean 3.  We had quite a few friends buy an UPPAbaby after having a push of ours.  They do two other more compact style buggies Cruz and G-Lux.

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The reason for my blubbing over the Uppababy is that Wednesday was a bitter sweet day.  We were on our way home from a lovely day out at the Southbank and were hit by a car when we got off the train at our local station.  The man reversed back up a one way street straight in to my youngest beans.  He then drove off when he saw the Police.  Thankfully everyone is ok, and just came away with a few bumps to the head and a fat lip.  But I largely put this down to the UPPABABY.  If I had been using something flimsier the consequences don’t bare thinking about as the buggy was pushed over and went under the car which came to a stop on the buggy.

This post is just for me to say how thankful I am we had such a well made buggy, what a good buggy it’s been for us and how much we will miss it.

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