♥moccasin love♥

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I totally adore booties and moccasins.  O had some when he was a lil’ bean and I have some lined up for the new lil’ bean to make his way through.  They are the best things for growing little feet.  Here are some of my favourites at the moment.


http-:freshlypicked.bigcartel.com:product:moccasins-gold-with-neon-pink-stitching    http-:freshlypicked.bigcartel.com:product:moccasins-gold-with-neon-pink-stitchingb

http-:save-the-manimals.com:index.php?:baby:double-fringe-baby-bootie:    http-:save-the-manimals.com:index.php?:baby:fringe-baby-bootie:



top. little Edie from Becky Brisco 2nd row. freshly picked 3rd row. save-the-manimals  4th row. folk fibers bottom. minnetonka