a regular snack recipe

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I make these cheese stars all the time for the children.  It’s super quick and easy, and they are always a popular snack.



25g softened unsalted butter, 50g self raising wheat free flour, 80g cheese (cheddar/parmesan), pinch of cayenne pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 200°c.  Mix all the ingredients together, may look crumbly, but it comes together after a bit of kneading.  Roll out to about 2mm thick, cut out shapes of your choice.  I use a small star cutter and get 20-24 small stars from this recipe.  Place on a non-stick sheet or baking paper, and cook for 8-10minutes.  Suitable for freezing, but they’re gobbled up too quickly to think about that in our house.

On another note, the sun’s supposed to make an appearance at the weekend so have a happy one x

Recipe is slightly altered from one of Nigella’s.