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One Day Young

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Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 21.27.56Last night I went to the preview of Jenny Lewis’ book One Day Young.  The book is aselection of images Jenny took for a personal project she began in Hackney 5years ago.  It captures women and their newborns in the first 24hours together.  The pictures are totally beautiful and full of love.  Those first hours of just staring in wonder at meeting this little person that you will be connected with and grow with from that day on, and changed your life.

A handful of images are up along the top floor of Boxpark in Shorditch, you can also get the book here.

There is also a book launch at the Ace Hotel next week, 11th March at 6.30pm, where you can meet the lady in person and grab one of these books.

We all know motherhood is a tough one and has it’s ups and downs.  But seeing this last night and flicking through the book on my way home reminded me how lucky I am to have experienced that feeling Jenny has captured in the eyes of the women she photographed and what a beautiful image they each have to treasure of that first precious day when nothing else really matters.

The Animal Print Shop

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Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 21.20.39

The prints you’ll find on this online photographic gallery are adorable.  Photographer Sharon Montrose takes beautiful, playful pictures of animals.  If you like animals then you must take a look.  The prints start from $25, so completely affordable, come in various sizes and some are also limited if you want a special gift or keepsake.  There are different collections like farm, babies, forest, hoof, pouched etc.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 21.16.57 Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 21.19.05

We fell in love, now how to choose…

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 21.20.12

images. The Animal Print Shop

une belle époque

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We’re totally in love with this ‘very’ new brand une belle époque.  Timeless, classic and functionable clothing for girls and boys up to 5yrs (for this first collection).  The faded fabric tones and vintage feel are to die for.  Founded by two sisters Dee and Nikki, the clothes are mainly produced in the UK, homegrown, working with other growing businesses.

The collection is beautifully shot by Dee who has a degree in fine art photography, also check out her blog http://shehadusathello.blogspot.co.uk/

unebellepoque4unebellepoque5 unebellepoque6

unebellepoque7 unebellepoque8

We’ll be getting a few pieces from this brand and look forward to their new collection.

Here are 3 quickies with Dee:

Where do you live and with whom?

I live in West London with my Australian husband and two small daughters, Lissom (Limi) and Clémence (Claya).

What is your background and what inspired the name of the brand?

I grew up in a small town in South Africa. My mother is a brilliant seamstress and my sister and I loved designing our own outfits (and some for our dolls too) which my mum would sew up for us. I have always loved the process of sketching a design, selecting fabric, watching that fabric be folded and cut and then going through the various fittings until you have a finished piece. When I had my eldest daughter, I struggled to find simple clothes for her that were a bit original and weren’t all pink. I was looking for something with French flair and English individuality and so I started creating my own designs and the brand grew from there. The name une belle époque is our attempt to acknowledge the inspiration from French children’s clothes and vintage English details. It refers to The Golden Age or La Belle Époque and I loved the idea that childhood is, A Golden Age.

What do you have planned for SS14 collection?

The brand only started in 2013 so we have an enormous amount planned for the coming year. We’re moving most of our production to the UK where I can be more hands on and I’m also hoping to find some local suppliers. Each season, we will be keeping a core range of ‘basics’ and adding new colours. My girls live in their can can tops, circus pants and puppet playsuits so these will stay as staples. We’ll be expanding the boys range and l’ve also started working on a complimentary collection that will take the essence of une belle époque, timeless kids clothing and add a quirky element. You may find a slipped collar, oversized cuffs, interesting layers…..i’m having a lot of fun with this new collection. The idea is to build this brand slowly, working with suppliers and production workshops that we like. The love for designing and creating has never faded for me so I am loving every aspect of building up this small kids brand.

What are your children’s favourite things at the moment?

Limi is three and we’ve recently taught her how to play snakes and ladders. She’s a bit obsessed and seems to be having plenty of beginner’s luck. Claya desperately wants to join in (and do anything that her sister is doing) but she just moves the pieces around on the board which doesn’t help our game much. I’m looking out for an original board that Limi will one day remember as vividly as I do, my own childhood board games.

images. une belle poque

If you’re in London this weekend check out the Anorak sale in Dulwich on Saturday and Renegade Craft Fair at the Old Truman Brewery, Saturday and Sunday.

Happy weekend x

The Glow

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theglow1 theglow2 theglow3 theglow4

The Glow is the website of beautifully shot cool, fashionable mums, in there stylish homes, with their cool kids.  Sounds a bit sickening, but it’s very addictive.  The site was founded by Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart in 2011.  It shoots mums in their homes with their children, accompanied by nice interviews, containing recipes, their experiences, tips and top kids shops.  If you like browsing through great photography, interiors, mums and there off-spring make sure you take a look.

images. The Glow

Land of Kids – Bank Holiday Monday

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If you haven’t made plans for Bank Holiday Monday (6th May) yet, then take a look at ‘Land of Kids’ 1 day festival.  Taking place in East London, this ticket entry festival looks to be packed with fun stuff to do with the kids for the day.  Things like, Anorak Magazine Making Machine, Indikidual Scooter Paint Party, Disco, Photo Booth, Flower Seed Bombing, Reggae Nursery Rhymes, Street Feast Food Market, is just naming a few.  Everything is free once inside, apart from food and drink.  It’s going to be busy and let’s hope for some more good weather to top off a great day out.

image. Land of Kids

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