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Cult Of Youth Part II

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Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 19.23.11If you’re a regular Lil’ Beans blog reader you’ll have read about Cult of Youth a couple of months ago.  Kelly is a silversmith and if you missed the previous post have a quick look because you’ll want to add one of these necklaces to your WANT list.  Kelly is now the proud MAMA to little Elvis ♡

Below is a lil’ Q&A with Kelly, a few from before Elvis arrived and a couple we’ve added to celebrate the little man’s arrival x

Where do you live?
I currently live in Essex, not too far from where I grew up. I’ve spent most of my adult life living in London after moving there 10 years ago but decided being close to my mum was really important when it came to laying down roots when I found out I was pregnant. I can’t say I won’t move back in the distant future but for now i’m happy living a little further out and making the trek a couple of times a week. Although I do miss my pals. And Richmond/Victoria Park.

You’re about to have a new addition in your life, have you enjoyed your pregnancy and body change? 
My pregnancy played out a little differently to how I thought it would. I hadn’t expected quite how stressfull and sometimes lonely in can be at times. I think what your mind goes through as a pregnant woman feels more dramatic that the physical changes, they seem to happen gradually, more softer. However it felt like my identity had changed overnight and I wasn’t sure who I was to become. I think I started to really enjoy the last couple of months. I have changed but (i think) for the better. I am more decisive and stronger in my convictions than before. I have less time for bullshit and endless time for positivity, creativity and love…. Maybe I have turned into the hippy barefoot and pregnant mama i always thought i’d be after all!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 19.26.39

Your Mother necklaces have been a hit before their release, especially on Instagram. What/who inspires you in your work?
Every piece of jewellery i design usually stems from me having an idea of something i’d like to wear and then making it. I hardly made anything in the first few months of pregnancy as I felt so ill and unispired. Then one day I was thinking about how strong the word MOTHER was and       i made the first chain with the rose gold letters and silver chain and posted it on instagram with the caption something like “growing a baby makes me feel like i’ve got superpowers”. The response was great and i’ve since been working on launchinga fuller collection (whiched actually launched on Monday). It’s been going great. I think i was inspired by my baby firstly, wanting to wear his initials with mine. I also had to work on the designs to ensure i could make them efficiently and with ease as i still wanted to keep everthing done by hand but time frames were going to be dirrent post baby! Through mothers meetings I have met some incredible, awe inducing inspiring women that juggle motherhood and their passions through new businesses, their jobs or  hobbies. I have found these women some of the most inspirational people i’ve ever met and every order for the mama/ mother chains i get a rush of pride. There’s an incredible movement in the way mamas that want to be viewed differently. If you’re down you’re in. And it’s the coolest fucking gang out there!

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When did you finally have Elvis?  I don’t think you can ever really imagine what your first birth will be like, but did you keep it together?
I finally had Elvis 10 days late on the 1st of July. I was lucky enough to have a very straight forward pregnancy, a healthy baby and steady recovery but the birth itself was crazy. I was hoping for a calm, serene pool birth but ended up with blues and twos! I felt like I kept it together but I don’t know what I would’ve done without my mama, she was amazing and her and Elvis now have an incredible bond. When I think about the day itself it makes me cry….I hope I get to do it again. My advice to expectant mamas is to not have too much of a plan in mind, fingers crossed it works out the way you’d like but if things start to change it’s easier if you can roll with the punches. Also  check out Hollie and Susie from The Calm Birth School. I had a 10lb4 baby with very little pain relief, I’m a hypnobirthing convert!

Looking back on your beautiful and blurry first month, how has it been and are you getting in to the swing of your new days as a team?
The last six weeks have gone so quickly! The best advice I was given was to pull up the drawbridge and hole ourselves away for a bit while we get to know eachother. I love these days, all fuzzy in pjs drinking tea and watching old films. It’s not easy but it’s way more fun than I ever imagined. I love this little gang we have.

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♡ Loquet London ♡

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Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 20.54.11Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 20.53.20

I love these personalised keepsakes by Loquet London.  It’s a luxury British brand founded by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey in June 2013.  You can make a totally bespoke, personal piece of jewelry.  The website is interactive, you could dangerously kiss time goodbye creating variations of your dream keepsake.  Choosing, lockets, chains, colour gold, charms, birthstones…you MUST go and have a play.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 20.59.47

It’s a lovely concept, simple idea, and the whole package of shopping for it is an enjoyable treat.  And you end up with a timeless piece of jewelry to treasure.

images. Loquet London

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