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Beau LOves Sneak Peak

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So SS16 collection launches will be happening in the next couple of months and here is a sneak peak of one of the leading British Kidswear independents, Beau LOves.

i-dMkGMLM-X2 i-SQ6wDt7-X2Think bold prints, trademark masks, unisex jumpsuits and oversized dresses, plus new styles and cuts.

Launch date is 8th February, make a note!

images. Beau LOves

Snuggle in The Bright Company

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The weather has started to change and although we’re glad the sun hasn’t gone completely, a cooler night means we can snuggle up in The Bright Company pyjamas.   The Bright Company was founded in 2012 by Alienor Falconer and are proud to fly the Brit flag for design and production is all done here.

tbc_eilasteel_850 tbc_sonnygrey_850

The unisex designs have strong graphic prints and great colour palettes for all your lil’ ones.  The slim jyms are snug fitting so they don’t ride up in the night or during play.  The brand have recently introduced bedding range to match the seasons pj’s too, which have been a great success.  The Bright Company currently cater for ages 0-5years and we couldn’t be happier to have them on Lil’ Beans.

Below is our mini q&a with Ali:

Where and who do you live with?

I live in Brighton with my two kids, Corwin 3 1/2 and Effie 1 1/2 and my husband Simon.

TBC pj’s have had great print designs from day 1, what inspires you?

Thanks! That is a tricky and an easy answer really. Nothing specific, the whole world inspires me, patterns I see on tiles, colour combinations I see anywhere and everywhere, interiors, magazines, fashion, I find inspirations all around, I’m never switched off from that side of my brain I suppose.

Motherhood and running a business can be challenging, have you achieved a happy balance yet? What is your current favourite thing to do as a family?

Some days the balance is amazing, some days it’s tricky. We have pretty complicated Childcare but as my ‘job’ can be pretty flexible it works for us. I love being able to take my big one to pre-school every morning. I work 4 days a week (plus evenings etc!) but every day I spend part of it with the children, be it breakfast or dinner or the afternoon.
Our family weekends usually consist of some beach time and the kids love swimming so that’s usually on the agenda. We also love checking out National Trust places and have had some brilliant camping trips this summer. We are also talking about buying a boat so if we get that then I imagine lots of sailing trips!

The Bright Company pj’s


Young Soles

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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 21.57.06
New Brit shoe brand Young Soles is a coming and we can’t wait.  Their Autumn/Winter collection is about to be available for you to deck your lil’ ones out in some re-invented timeless classics like the T-Bar and Mary Jane.  To the Brogue or Monkey Boot.
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 21.57.55
Young Soles founder Lou has always had a love affair with shoes and has been in the footwear industry for over 10years.  Inspired by childhood memories, music, British heritage and the search for a good shoe for their daughter.  The result is a collection of a good old honest, nostalgic, and well made shoe with a bit of an edge that will last.  They are also about working with your child’s foot, being light, durable and versatile are all important factors.  These shoes aren’t just fashion statements.  Hooray to another great Brit brand on the block!
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 21.58.36
3 quickies with Lou:
Where do you live and with whom?
I live with my partner Stu and our Daughter Rosie, in East London, close to the Olympic Park

Have you always been a shoe lover, what inspires you?
Always, right from an early age when I used to make paper shoes with my mum, out of newspaper and roll of sticky tape. I followed a career in footwear design, completing a Bachelors and Masters degree and have had a successful career in the footwear industry for over 16 years.  There is alway inspiration to be found, but most of my inspiration for Young Soles comes from childhood memories, British heritage, the music scene, fashion movements and of course my Daughter, the reason I started Young Soles in the first place.

What makes the 3 of you (fam) smile and laugh most at the moment? What’s your favourite fun thing to do together? 
Our daughter Rosie is a constant source of entertainment. She has such an innocent and joyful outlook on the world that constantly makes us laugh. Our favourite thing we all do together is, after a long week, a record goes on our vintage record player, the music is turned up loud and we have Friday night dance around the lounge together!
(images Flannery O’Kafka for Young Soles)

House of Hackney in the garden

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I think my love for House of Hackney has grown a little more, now they’ve expanded a little with their prints to outdoor furniture.  Gorgeous deck chairs, and classic old loungers, in their prints of the season, are one for the summer garden wish list.

Having recently moved in to ‘project house’ we have a long list of jobs – one being the garden.  This furniture would spruce things up a bit though.  And take a look at the wind break, a must for a true Brit on the beach.

images. House of Hackney

Chapter 2 Kids

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sole 1

When I went to see the AW14 collections at Playtime in Paris last month, I met the lovely and talented wife and husband team behind Chapter 2 Kids Fay and Tom.  They are a luxury British brand that make children’s shoes and belts.  The beautiful shoes are hand made at their home in London.  The designs are classic, yet playful in colour and the leather is of the highest quality.  The craftsmanship of these shoes when you see them in the flesh is outstanding, and a gorgeous keepsake.

Humbug Blush - top ecru+electric Humbugs Balmoral

Obviously a shoe for a special occasion, but also very wearable and so well made, that you would get your moneys worth and we all know how important it is to get your little toes in a good shoe.

And did I mention they also won the Milk Award for best shoes!

Fay has done our mini q & a for us, we’ve kept it short and sweet as usual, because juggling life, kids, and business doesn’t leave much spare time to sit and think.

3 quick ones with Fay:

Where do you live and with whom?
I live with my husband Tom and our two boys Connor 5 and Shea 8 months in Old Isleworth, near Richmond.

What inspires you in your shoe designs and what is your (and Tom’s) favourite pair of shoes?
My designs are quite timeless but with a contemporary edge. I love colour and often like to start the design process with a colour and materials palette but I can be inspired from lots of different things from the foil balloons at Connors birthday to an art exhibition we saw.

I have lots of amazing shoes which I don’t wear as I am terrible at wearing heels, so I guess the ones I love and wear are flat sandals by Joey McMakin. They have skinny ribbon straps with a large rectangular wood and crystal stone off-set over the toes. I’m just waiting for the sun to shine!
Tom’s favourite shoes are a pair of tan leather derbys from Crockett & Jones which he has lived in and have developed a beautiful character over the years.

What are your current favourite items for your boys  (clothing/accessories or toys)?
My favourites for Connor are Nico Nico, Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini and he likes to choose which of our belts he’s going to wear each day. I’d love to get him a pair of Very French Gangster sunglasses this summer if he can be trusted not to break them.
And Shea lives in his Mini Rodini pom pom hat, Tootsa MacGinty trousers and grey shaggy Bon Ton coat. He’s wearing most of Connors old baby clothes and I’m trying really hard to resist buying him a whole new wardrobe!

images. Chapter 2 Kids

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