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LOVE these rugs from Sydney based textile brand Little P.  Lovely colour palettes, design and ethics.  little P rugs are produced in mills involved in Care & Fair initiatives, thus ensuring that the communities where are rugs are made receive medical, educational and other assistance.

A few of what we love:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.34.46 Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.36.17 Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.41.35 Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.42.10images. Little P

Pillow Talk

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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 16.16.27

It would be lovely to get a few more zzzz’s on one of these right now, but I’m still doing night feeds and my pillow is more of a back support.  Here are a few lovely pillow case picks, I just bought bean 2 his first pillow and got him the Fine Little Day happy/sad face cover which he LOVES.


top: angel pillowcase, happy/sad face, middle: black heart, bottom: neon mask, pink cheeks sad face

first image dot pillowcase

I’m off to Paris for the Playtime SS15 Trade Show this weekend.  Can’t wait to see some loveliness for next year, and a couple of days with just bean 3.  He’s teething so I hope it’s a smooth trip.

We have a giveaway on instagram starting today, so follow us (if you don’t already) @samlilbeans to enter.

Happy weekend x


wallpaper thinking

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Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 20.16.03 Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 20.45.37

When I have a spare moment from baby, toddler or teenager I am consumed by all things house.  Our move is getting closer, into the little renovation project we took on and it’s far from ready as can be right now.  To keep myself sane and vaguely calm, I’ve been decorating (in my head) and storing images.  These are some wallpaper likes, in case we do a wall or two at some point.


images. stars on grey, clouds, watermelon, floral dip-dye, floral, harlequin, half moon


December 19th

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Lil' Beans Advent Calender

click on door 19!

1. make your own doll (Naked Lunge)

2. aesop

3. another night before christmas

4. tiny cottons

5. peleton cycling figure

6. butterfly plate art kit

7. bunny light

8. champagne truffles

9. bunny ears alarm clock

10. cutie dooty hair clip

11. elf

12. fox tail

13. wooden food

14. Lapin & Me lamp

15. tattoos

16. ipad mini

17. headphones

18. Kinfolk

19. crystal bulb

December 1st December 2nd December 3rd December 4th December 5th December 6th December 7th December 8th December 9th December 10th December 11th December 12th December 13th December 14th December 15th December 16th December 17th December 18th December 19th

bedding for older kids and teens

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1. Geogarmi by Snurk, 2. Galaxy by Dwell Studio, 3. New School Pink by Snurk, 4. Neon Lace by Rockett St George, 5. Dots by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau, 6. Lilac Liberty by Numero 74, 7. Kissing Rabbits by Anorak.

I’ve been looking for some new bedding for ‘O’ and it’s hard to find something in between childish and plain, clean, grown-up stuff.   Here is a selection of what I found, and he approves of a couple – hurray!

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