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Pendelton x Bugaboo

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Pendelton blankets were a staple in my house growing up and I was so excited to see that they teamed up with buggy favourite Bugaboo for their newest collaboration.  The ‘Pendelton Collection‘ comprises of a selection of three different Bugaboo strollers, all with their own unique Pendelton patterns that each have a deep meaning sewn into them and lovely blankets woven in Pendeltons woolen mills.  The Bugaboo Donkey comes in the classic Black and Red Tartan known as the Rob Roy.  The Cameleon3 in the crossroads pattern reflects the directions of a compass.  My most favourite design would have to be The Spirit of the Peoples Design on the Bugaboo Bee because not only is it my most favourite stroller, but the turquoise and red pattern is stunning.  Living in London our babies spend so much of their day in the stroller, it’s so nice to have brands that are making it a colourful space!  Now I’m thinking it’s time for a new buggy …

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Another great company putting Pendelton in the mix are Camp Wolf.  Camp Wolf makes adorable jean jackets and accessories with the native american inspired fabrics.  Their website launches this Sunday, but until then check out their instagram.

Happy weekend x

All images from Bugaboo!


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