Kristen Lombardi created her wonderful Brooklyn based line Manimal in 2004.  We are huge lovers of Manimal’s amazing Mocs and are happy to welcome them to our site for AW13!  Get ready for some booty love! We took a minute to ask Kristen a quick three …

1.  What is your favorite thing about Brooklyn?
I. Love. Brooklyn.  I’ve always wanted to live in New York because I’m drawn to this special place where the whole world is so accessible.  In Brooklyn, there’s every kind of person with all of their stories to tell (and they love to tell them!).  Just walking down the street is an education in life.

2.  How do you choose the colours and designs for each seasons designs?
Like any other designer, I maintain a journal of ideas and thoughts throughout the year, stopping to draw a detail from a monument or researching interesting craft techniques at the library … my hotspots for inspiration are museums and travel.  I’ll dig through journals many years old to see how thoughts documented there fit into the collection at hand.

3.  What is your most treasured time spent with your son?
This is the hardest question of all because my son is two and half and his language skills and emotional development are spiking, every moment seems the most awesome one yet!  I’ll share an exchange we just had:

(Theo: while eating his granola)
“Thanks for breakfast, Mama.”
“Theo, that’s nice!  It makes me happy when you say that.”
(Theo, nodding)
“Yes.  Good manners.”
(I laugh)
Where did you learn that word…manners?”
“Ummm…my life.”

Love this guy the end.

image. Manimal stocked at Lil’ Beans in August x